Why us

Righteous provide the right solution for you. Right solution does mean the best but the most suitable. For example, some just require a simple accounting within a limited budget while some require more detail data analysis for them to develop business strategy. We help you to select the most effective and economic solution to meet your requirement.


Our team includes practising CPA, chartered secretary and tax advisor providing one-stop services, we need not to outsource any part of work to other professionals. Our internal team would exchange information that speed up the process and reduce your time.

Simplified solution

We adopt the simplified solution and stick to the point so as to reduce unnecessary work or questions, you can then enjoy an efficient workflow.

Right fee

Our fee is fixed as agreed without any hidden cost, that would be good for you to make budget. If there are any potential fees that we may charge you, we would tell you in advance.

On Call 365 days

We are able to provide fast-delivery services(i.e. within 2 days). We provide WhatsApp Hotline exclusively to our clients, it opens 365 days a year to meet your urgent needs.


SME expert

We focus on serving SME and truly understand their difficulties and limitation, so instead of keep asking you questions, we are here to solve your problem.