How we serve

For clients who do not maintain a good compliance or proper accounting record, we adopt six steps to help them turnaround within a short time- we called it “RESCUE”.

step 1: review

Review your current situation in the area of accounting record, statutory compliance, and tax.


step 2: Evaluation

Evaluate the risky area that you are facing (i.e. non-compliance in tax and companies ordinance, and the quality of past years’ audit report).



We will give you suggestion how to rectify problem(s) in the most efficient and economic manner, how to eliminate potential risk(s) and make your compliance and track record better.


step 4: correction

We will help you to implement the agreed solution, report the progress to you regularly, ensure everything is on the right track and within the budget.

step 5: u-turn

Normally, it requires 1 month to half year to make your accounting record, statutory compliance and tax compliance become proper.

step 6: evolution

We will keep helping you to maintain good status, get well prepared for you to reach another stage.